M-form 2023

Tax return in the year of immigration

Tax return - for expats


If you weren't a resident of the Netherlands for the entire tax year, because you've immigrated the Netherlands, you won't use the standard tax forms.

Instead, you'll need to complete the M-form ("migration" form) for the Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Administration). This form helps them understand your specific situation and determine how to handle your taxes for that year.

Because the form is in Dutch it could be a struggle to fill this in, we can help you with this.

Tax return Immigration
incl. VAT

from € 80

  • for a single person
  • Price changes reserved
  • (rates 2024)

tax return immigration
incl. VAT

from € 110

  • for a family
  • Price changes reserved

These are our actual fees:

For complicated tax return, it could result in an extra fee,  we will inform you upfront.